• Delivery of Mobile Unit by On-Site
  • Mobile Combination Unit from On-Site
  • Mobile Command Centre from On-Site
  • Executive Washroom from On-Site

Supervisor’s continually co-ordinate and document equipment, service and manpower issues. An On-site mobile unit resolves several common well-site headaches at once; all in one ticket. If you are looking for a cost efficient solution then call On-site 780.898.1845 and you will be glad you did!

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Bundling several needs into one economic package helps to streamline costs. On-site mobile units are not just for service rigs but have many other applications to everyday field activities.

Three Reasons to Call On-Site Now!

1. All-In-One

On-site Facilities and Recycling Services provides the all-in-one concept for toilet, waste handling and recycling facilities that meets several needs which are bundled into one economic package that helps to streamline costs.

On-site’s portable washroom unit can be easily set up on your site to provide a centralized zero discharge composting toilet hot and cold water hand washing facility.

The state of the art mobile washroom trailer design allows for moves accomplished by an ordinary hitch equipped pick up truck. No need for an expensive bed truck.

The fresh water storage system will sustain operations for three weeks with water replenishment the unit could stay in the field indefinitely. Waste generated on site is sorted into separate holding bins and tanks.

A clean camp is a healthy camp!

2. Problems Solved

Each well-site has common issues that producers and explorers must address and pay for:

  • Supply adequate crew bathroom and sanitation facilities
  • Properly dispose of solid and liquid waste (food, refuse, beverage containers, spent waste lubricants and lubricant containers and packaging, chemical sacks and pails, spent coolant, scrap metal, paper, plastic etc.)
  • Address Environmental concerns & safeguard environmentally sensitive areas
  • Protect crews from severe weather dangers
  • Address landowner concerns to maintain long range positive liaison
  • Comply with current Occupational Health and Safety OH&S regulations
  • Comply with regulatory issues from all levels of Government
  • Reduce the risk of bear incursions and encounters

Traditionally, all of the above may be handled by different parties and each exacts a cost in time and money to the Service Company or Prime Contractor.

3. Other Applications

On-site units are not just for service rigs but have many other applications to everyday field activities. For instance;

  • Service Rigs
  • Facility Construction
  • Drilling rig operations
  • Construction project sites
  • Civil and Municipal operations
  • Small plant turnarounds
  • Pipeline operations
  • well servicing operations
  • Forestry projects
  • Bridge construction
  • Guide and Outfitters camps

On-site Facilities is a registered member with ISNetworld, Comply Works and with the Alberta Government – Hazardous Waste Division. Also a registered member of the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships and hold a valid “SECOR” and “PIR” through their company.